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The School Council is made up of two children from each class in Year 1 and 2.  They are elected by their class to represent them for one year.


We are the School Council.

We represent the children's voice, giving all children at Longlevens Infant School the chance to share their ideas and have their say. We encourage everyone to think of great ideas to help the school to become even better.

Ideas / issues are passed on to the school council. At the meetings we discuss, investigate, plan, take action or find someone who can help. 

There are representatives from every class from Reception to Year 2. Two of us from each class are elected by a class vote. 

We meet regularly to discuss ways we can help the school to become even better. Sometimes they are ideas from the children, others from the staff but also actions from the governors and our Headteacher.




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Latest News

  • Blog post written by Emily and Nathan in Year 2

    Yipee! 6 chicks have now hatched. How exciting that is! There are 2 boys and 4 girls. All of the chicks are in the warm brooder box but unfortunately one of the chicks has a poorly leg and it is going to the chick hospital. They have sawdust, food, water and more room in the brooder box. It took lots of pipping and pushing carefully to get out of the egg. You can tell the difference between a boy chick and a girl chick because girls are brown and boys are yellow. There are four more chicks that need to hatch so we are hopeful that those four will hatch soon.

  • Chicks update

    Chicks update

    Today the brooder box had a Spring clean by the Year 2 children! The chicks are very happy and very fluffy!

  • It's a girl!

    It's a girl!

    Some of us were lucky enough to be able to see one of the chicks hatching! Here is one of the girls who is still coming out of her egg. We know it’s a girl because girls are brown and boys are yellow.

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