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Admission Arrangements

Children come to Longlevens Infant School from many different pre-school settings.  We work closely with these groups.

Prospective parents are welcome to visit the school and should telephone the school office for an appointment.  In Gloucestershire, children may be admitted to the school at the beginning of the school year in which their fifth birthday falls.  Open evenings are advertised at our pre-school settings.

Children are admitted to Longlevens Infant School using the Local Authority (L.A) admission criteria.  The L.A. is the admissions authority and handles all admissions to local authority schools.

Under the terms of the Education Act (1980), any parent who has been refused a place for their child has the right of appeal.  This appeal should be made to the School Admissions Team at Shire Hall, Gloucester (01452 425407).

To help the new Reception children settle at school we design a programme to make school entry as smooth as possible.  This programme includes:

  • Information afternoon for prospective parents.
  • Information evening for new parents.
  • Pre-school visits by staff to playgroups.
  • New parent interviews.
  • Welcome booklets for both parents and children.
  • Story sessions in school during the summer term.
  • The children visit the classroom and teacher for a morning in the summer term.

The schools Published Admission Number (PAN) is 120


Flexi Schooling

The school does not currently make provision for flexi schooling.

Part time


During EYFS induction & transition close liaison between the Class teacher & parents ensures a smooth transition for the child in to school. Sometimes children take longer to make the transition meaning some children will continue on a part time timetable for longer than the induction period.

This arrangement can be put in place up until the term following their 5th birthday when they are required to attend full time.

Age 5 onwards

Only in exceptional circumstances after the term following their 5th birthday can a part time timetable be considered & where this is the only way to meet the child’s needs or when there is a serious risk of exclusion. This decision will be made in partnership with both home & school. This will be reported to the LA through the part time timetable spreadsheet.


Our admission arrangements can be found on the Gloucestershire County Council website.  Please see the links below:

See Gloucester County Council's latest Admission Arrangements - 2018

Gloucestershire County Council Education Department Website

See our latest Ofsted report



Before and after school provision

We offer our own 'Wrap Around Care' before and after school club for infant aged children, called Fun with Friends. Details can be found in the Fun with Friends tab on the website.

Other private providers are available, please see our links page.

Healthy Eating

Mid-Morning Break

  • Snack - Childen may bring in a small piece of fruit or vegetable, breadsticks, oat biscuits, malt loaf or similar.  We do not allow any chocolate or sweets at break and children will not be allowed to consume them if they bring them.
  • We are a nut free school due to pupils with servere nut allegies on role.  Please do not send your child to school with any nut products.



The Designated Safeguarding Leads for Longlevens Infant School are:   

  • Miss Kerry Cunningham,
  • Mrs Sue Halas.
  • The Safeguarding Governor is Lottie Normington

School Hours

School starts at 8.50 a.m. and finishes at 3.10 p.m.

Lunch break is between 11:45 – 12:45pm for EYFS, 12:00 - 1:00pm for Year 1 and 12:15 – 1:15pm for Year 2. Parents are welcome to take children home during this period.

Please bring your child to school on time, but not before 8.40 a.m., as they will not be able to access the school building until that time.  You are responsible for the safety and behaviour of your child prior to 8.45 a.m.

The road outside the school is dangerous and there is congestion at the start and end of the school day.  Please do not park in the staff car park, as there is insufficient room. There is no pedestrian access through the car park from 8:30-9:00am and 3:00-3:30pm. In the interests of safety PLEASE DO NOT PARK OUTSIDE THE SCHOOL GATES OR ILLEGALLY.

We encourage walking, cycling, the use of scooters and other environmentally friendly means of travel.

The school complies with the DfE recommended teaching hours for children aged 5-7 years of a minimum of 21 hours per week.






Doors Open to Pupils


Doors Open to Pupils






First Session


First Session






Second Session


Second Session


Third Session



Lunch Year 1

Lunch Year 2





Third Session Year 1

Third Session Year 2


Fourth Session


Fourth Session






Fifth Session




Olympic Legacy Sports Funding

London 2012 gave Britain a once in a lifetime opportunity to inspire a nation to enjoy sport and the government wants to embed that into the school day from an early age. The new sports funding aims to improve the quality of provision in every state primary school in England. Each school receives a lump sum with a top up per pupil. The money is ring fenced meaning we can only spend it on improving sport provision.

As a school we have to decide how best to spend the fund ensuring it meets our school motto and vision of ‘All of us together’ to ensure inclusivity and ‘Improving Outcomes for All our Children’ meeting their needs, as well having a lasting effect on raising the quality of PE provision and the environment.



  • A new  scheme that is pacey, easy to follow and shows progression.
  • Introduce ‘Wake and Shake’ and continue as an integral element of our school day.
  • Provide additional after-school clubs, targeting our Pupil Premium pupils. 
  • PE Profile
  • Ensure the profile and importance of PE is raised by staff and children wearing correct kit to help them perform at their best.


We recognise that many of you will have already bought uniform for this year, which may not fully comply with our policy. We understand this and going forward ask that when buying new uniform in future, please adhere to our policy.



 White polo shirt/white shirt

 White polo shirt/white shirt

 Green sweatshirt

 Green sweatshirt/cardigan

 Grey trousers

 Grey trousers/Grey pinafore/skirt

 Grey or black socks

 Grey, black or white socks

 Grey Shorts (in summer)

 Green and white checked dress (in summer)

 Black Shoes (not trainers)

Black Shoes (no open toes or sling back and no trainers)

In winter we do allow short black smart boots no fashion boots.

If the children wear wellington boots to school they must have a pair of shoes to change into and a peg or bag to store their wellingtons in.

Hair: All children with hair longer than shoulder length will be asked to tie it back, with a scrunchie or band.

Hats: In the winter and summer children are encouraged to wear a hat either to keep them warm or to keep the sun off their heads.



Please ensure that all items of clothing are named including footwear.

When our children come to school we want to encourage them to be smartly dressed ready to learn. The wearing of the school colours is positively encouraged; both when attending school and on school activities and visits, where appropriate. 

All our uniform with logos can be purchased from Tesco Online at and the school receives a 5% cash donation on every purchase.

It is also availible from the Trutex Shop, in Northgate Street, Gloucester,

Wearing the school logo is not compulsory.


Sports Kit

Please supply a pair of black shorts, a t-shirt with short sleeves in the child's house colour (Crocs - yellow, Mice - red, Larks - blue and Owls - green) and a pair of plimsolls/daps/trainers.  Warm black joggers and a green / black top are required for outside games in winter.  Girls need socks to replace tights for P.E.  Please also provide spare undeware and socks. The children should keep their P.E. kit in a named bag, and all kit should be clearly named.


Other useful dress information.

Extreme fashion haircuts, nail varnish, tattoos and jewellery in school (including rings, bracelets or necklaces) are not to be worn. Earrings/studs must be removed before any P.E. activities or tape must be provided by the parents which the children must put on or have put on before they come to school. Staff are not permitted to remove and cover earrings. The only exception to jewellery is when a child has to wear a medical identity bracelet or chain.

A watch may be worn for educational purposes but the school can take no responsibility for the loss of valuable goods or uniform which is not named.


Book Bags

We request that parents purchase a small school book bag, for children to transport reading books and reading records to and from school.  Back packs for children to use to carry lunch boxes, or fruit and drink, are also available from the Trutex shop, in Gloucester. 


Lost Property

Please ensure all items are named.  Lost items will be returned to their class teacher.  We try to trace ownership, but after 3 weeks we dispose of any unclaimed items.  If it is not named we cannot return it to you.


Personal Items

Children are not allowed to bring toys or personal effects to school, unless asked to do so by their class teacher in connection with a topic or display.  This prevents loss and any associated distress this may cause a child.  Items brought to school are done so entirely at the owner’s risk.


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